Computational Materials Science Laboratory

Hyun You Kim's Group





Ji Hyun Lee, Woojin Jang, Dongyeon Kim, Youngoh Kim, Kihyun Shin, Joonmyung Choi,

Jun Young Cheong, Seon-Jin Choi, Hyun You Kim, Ki Ro Yoon,* and Tae Gwang Yun*

Metal-Organic Framework Driven Sustainable Water Harvesting and Energy Generation from Ambient Air

Submitted., (2022)


Dong-Gyu Kim, Hyuk Choi, Yoon‑Seo Kim, Dong-Hyeon Lee, Hye‑Jin Oh, Ju Hyeok Lee, Junghwan Kim, Seunghee Lee, Taewon Kim, Bongjin Kuh, Hyun You Kim*, Jin-Seong Park*

High-Performance PEALD-IGZO TFTs using Selective N2O Plasma Reactant beyond Mobility and Stability Trade-Off

Submitted., (2022)


Habib Ullah, Zakir Ullah, Zafar A. K. Khattak, Mohsin Ali Marwat, Baoyi Yu, Hyung Wook Kwon, Hyun You Kim*, Francis Verpoort*

Formation of Value-added Cyclic Carbonates via Coupling of Epoxides and CO2 by Ruthenium Pincer Hydrazone Complexes under Atmospheric Pressure.

Submitted., (2022)


Habib Ullah, Zakir Ullah, Zafar A. K. Khattak, Muhammad Tahir, Hyung Wook Kwon*, Hyun You Kim*, and Francis Verpoort*

Flexible Hydrazone Linked Cobalt-Impregnated 2D COFs as an efficient CO2 Capturing/Insertion Catalyst under Ambient Pressure

Submitted., (2022)


Taek-Seung Kim‡, Hyuk Choi‡, Daeho Kim, Hee Chan Song, Yusik Oh, Beomgyun Jeong, Jouhahn Lee, Ki-Jeong Kim, Jae Won Shin, Hye Ryung Byon, Ryong Ryoo, Hyun You Kim* and Jeong Young Park*

Submitted., (2022)


Hae In Lee‡, Myung Won Seo‡, Dong Hyun Kim, Hyuk Choi, Ju Hyeok Lee, Mi Yoo, Min-Jae Kim, Doyeon Lee, Hyun-Seok Cho, Chang-Hee Kim, Young-Woo Rhee, Hyun You Kim*, Kyubock Lee*, and Won Chul Cho*

Multi-Step Mechanochemical Synthesis of Mesoporous SiC Using CO2 as a Feedstock

Submitted., (2022)