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Yun, Jieun(윤지은)

       Integrated Ph. D., 2nd year

2021 B.S. Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Chungnam National University




Eunji Kang†, Jungwoo Choi†, Hyuk Choi†, Jieun Yun, Ju Hyeok Lee, Mi Yoo, Hyuck Mo Lee*, and Hyun You Kim*

Gold Single-Atoms Confined at the CeOx-TiO2 Interfaces with Enhanced Low-Temperature Activity toward CO Oxidation

Nanotechnology, Accepted (2022) <IF: 3.953> 


Mi Yoo†, Eunji Kang†, Hyunwoo Ha†, Jieun Yun†, Hyuk Choi, Ju Hyeok Lee, Tae Jun Kim, Jiho Min, Jin-Seok Choi, Kug-Seung Lee, Namgee Jung, Sungtak Kim, Chunjoong Kim, Young-Sang Yu*, and Hyun You Kim*


Interspersing CeOx clusters to the Pt-TiO2 interfaces for catalytic promotion of TiO2-supported Pt nanoparticles

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 13, 1719 (2022) <IF: 6.888>



2022.06.07~2022.06.24, COSMIC Beamline( in Advanced Light Source (ALS) 방문 연구



2022, ENGE 2022, Jieun Yun, Mi Yoo, Eunji Kang, Hyuk Choi, Yejung Choi, Jongseok Kim, Jaeeun Joo and Hyun You Kim

Interface Coordinated Pt-TiO2 Catalyst for Facile Catalytic CO oxidation


2022, IWOX-XIII, Jieun Yun, Mi Yoo, Eunji Kang, Hyuk Choi, Chunjoong Kim, Young-Sang Yu,

and Hyun You Kim

Interspersing CeOX Clusters to the Pt-TiO2 Interfaces for Catalytic Activation of Pt Nanoparticles for CO Oxidation