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Computational Materials Science Laboratory

Hyun You Kim's Group


Current Members

Graduate Students


Kang, Eunji(강은지)

       Integrated Ph. D., 6th year

2018 B.S. Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Chungnam National University

Chemical synthesis of functional nanomaterials

Catalysis by Oxide-Oxide-metal hybrid nanomaterials

High performance single atom catalysts 




Eunji Kang†, Jungwoo Choi†, Hyuk Choi†, Jieun Yun, Ju Hyeok Lee, Mi Yoo, Hyuck Mo Lee*, and Hyun You Kim*

Gold Single-Atoms Confined at the CeOx-TiO2 Interfaces with Enhanced Low-Temperature Activity toward CO Oxidation

Nanotechnology, 34, 45703 (2023) <IF: 3.953> 


Mi Yoo†, Eunji Kang†, Hyunwoo Ha†, Jieun Yun†, Hyuk Choi, Ju Hyeok Lee, Tae Jun Kim, Jiho Min, Jin-Seok Choi, Kug-Seung Lee, Namgee Jung, Sungtak Kim, Chunjoong Kim, Young-Sang Yu*, and Hyun You Kim*


Interspersing CeOx clusters to the Pt-TiO2 interfaces for catalytic promotion of TiO2-supported Pt nanoparticles

Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 13, 1719 (2022) <IF: 6.888>


Mi Yoo, Eunji Kang, Hyuk Choi, Hyunwoo Ha, Richard Celestre, David A. Shapiro, Chunjoong Kim*,

Young-Sang Yu*, and Hyun You Kim*


Enhancing the inherent catalytic activity and stability of TiO2 supported Pt single-atoms at CeOx-TiO2 interfaces

Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 10, 5942 (2022) <IF: 14.511>

Front Cover Article: Single-Atom Catalysis Themed Issue



Mi Yoo, Young-Sang Yu, Hyunwoo Ha, Siwon Lee, Jin-Seok Choi, Sunyoung Oh, Eunji Kang, Hyuk Choi, 

Hyesung An, Kug-Seung Lee, Jeong Young Park, Richard Celestre, Matthew A. Marcus, Kasra Nowrouzi,

Doug Taube, David A. Shapiro, WooChul Jung*, Chunjoong Kim*, and Hyun You Kim*


A tailored oxide interface creates dense Pt single-atom catalysts with high catalytic activity

Energy & Environmental Science, 13, 1231 (2020) <IF: 39.714>

Back Cover Highlighted, 2020 



Hyesung An, Mi Yoo, Hyunwoo Ha, Hyuk Choi, Eunji Kang, and Hyun You Kim*


Efficient Sn Recovery from SnO2 by Alkane (CxHy=2x+2, 0≤x≤4) Reduction

Scientific Reports, 9,16702 (2019) <IF: 4.996>



Eunji Kang, Hyuk Choi, Ju Hyeok Lee, Hyun You Kim*


Density Functional Theory Study of Water Activation at Au-Ceria interfaces

Korean J. Mater. Res. (2021)


Hyuk Choi, Eunji Kang, Hyun You Kim*


Theoretical investigation of Water Adsorption chemistry of CeO2(111) Surfaces by Density Functional Theory

Korean J. Mater. Res. (2020)



2022.06.07~2022.06.22, COSMIC Beamline( in Advanced Light Source (ALS) 방문 연구


2019.12.07~2019.12.20, COSMIC Beamline( in Advanced Light Source (ALS) 방문 연구



2022, 한국재료학회, 강은지, 유미, 최혁, 윤지은, 이주혁, 김현유

복합 산화물 계면을 활용한 고효율 고밀도 백금 단원자 촉매 연구


2022, 대한금속재료학회, 강은지, 유미, 최혁, 윤지은, 이주혁, 김현유

CeOx-TiO2 복합 산화물 계면을 활용한 높은 촉매 활성과 안정성을 갖춘 백금 단원자 촉매


2022, 263rd ACS National meeting, Eunji Kang, Mi Yoo, Jieun Yun, Hyuk Choi and Hyun You Kim

Confined Au single-atoms at CeOx-TiO2 interfaces with improved low-temperature CO oxidation activity


2022, IWOX-XIII, Eunji Kang, Hyuk Choi, Mi Yoo, Jieun Yun, Ju Hyeok Lee, David A. Shapiro, 

Young-Sang Yu, Chunjoong Kim and Hyun You Kim

Highly Reactive Interface Confined Pt-Single Atoms: Pt/CeOX-TiO2


2021, IUMRS-ICA, Eunji Kang, Mi Yoo, Jieun Yun, Young-Sang Yu, Chunjoong Kim and Hyun You Kim

Rational Interface Design for Superior Catalytic Activity and Stability of Pt Single Atom Catalysts


2021, KSIEC, Eunji Kang, Mi Yoo, Hyuk Choi, Jieun Yun and Hyun You Kim

Rational Design of Highly-Stable and -Reactive Au Single Atom Catalysts Dispersed on Hybrid-oxide Support


2020, KSIEC, Eunji Kang, Mi Yoo, Hyuk Choi, Hyunwoo Ha, Jieun Yun, Jin-Seok Choi, Richard Celestre David A. Shapiro, Young-Sang Yu, Chunjoong Kim and Hyun You Kim

A Platform of Two Trades: Interface-Confined Pt Single-Atoms with Record-High Activity and Excellent Stability

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